We are the only doggie care center in South Lake Tahoe that offers 24 hour care (on site), inside & outside play areas, no cages or kennels.
Yes, as long as they are dog friendly, people friendly and not space protective. We are cage free and the pups play all day with dogs of similar sizes. Large dogs and small dog areas. All male dogs must be neutered over 8 months old if going to play in our large dog area (30 pounds or larger). Smaller males dogs do not have to be neutered. Call for puppy policy – puppies must have all their vaccinations completed - FULL SET OF DISTEMPER, PARVO, BORDETELLA AND RABIES. Therefore dogs under 3.5 months generally can not come to doggie daycare or boarding. However, they can attend puppy class. All females must not be in season ( in heat). If you are unsure if your dog is dog friendly or a bit shy, we will conduct an evaluation of every dog's temperament to ensure safety for your dog as well as other dogs. Please call for a free evaluation ask for Paige or Drew. Please do not forget about your pups vaccinations: Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo and Rabies. We can not accept your dog without proof of these vaccinations.
We have 24 hour staffing but pick up and drop off must be between 7am - 7pm*. However on Friday's you could drop off at 8pm with advance notice - call us 530 542 2336. Doggie daycare is available from 7am - 7pm Overnight visitors can be dropped off from 7am - 7pm, normal checkout time is 12 noon. *After hour drop off might be possible for a surcharge but prior arrangement necessary (at least 48 hours notice.) Appointment must be pre-arranged for pet evaluation - no drop ins for evaluation.
Once you have a reservation provide:
  • Copy of Vet records on file with us at least 24 hours in advance (see shots required below)
  • Completed Pet History Questionnaire at least 24 hours in advance

Enough food and meds for the length of the stay (please no 30+# bags of pet food), Treats and any goodies as we have a full kitchen to warm up food or keep items cold. (No beds, bowls, toys, etc. We've got all that)

Email reservations@tahoebestfriends.com or fax (310 997-3681) required current vaccination records including:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo Virus
  • Canine Influenza vaccination highly suggested
    Dog should have at least the first vaccination prior to arrival. Ideally, your pup should have the second booster as well. If your pup is showing symptoms of coughing, lethargy, running nose, please do not bring your dog to the center.
  • Bordatella
    Bordatella helps to control Kennel Cough. If you dog is coughing or is ill, please let us know at the time of booking. Kennel Cough is spread from dog to dog, from wildlife and cats.

Vaccination certification from a veterinarian is required from each of our guests before admittance can be allowed. If your pet requires an updated vaccination please make arrangements for the vaccination. You or your Vet can send the records directly to (FAX) 310 997 3681 or (email) reservations@tahoebestfriends.com.

Puppies must complete the full series of vaccinations including the rabies vaccine. Ask your vet for their recommendation of vaccines.

Please make sure that your dog is treated for fleas and ticks - apply Frontline or Advantage before arriving. (Tahoe doesn't have fleas). If we need to eliminate ticks or fleas from your dog, we will have to charge you for bathing and treatment.

No need to bring bowls, beds, toys, crates. We have everything needed here.
For FIRST TIME reservations at Tahoe Best Friends you should contact us directly at (530) 542-2336 or email us in the above contact form. Our pet care consultants will be happy to discuss all Tahoe Best Friends has to offer and if it is the right option for your dog! For repeat guests, feel free to call, email or use the online Reservations feature.
You can certainly come and visit our facility during regular business hours. Our welcoming staff will be delighted to take you on an informative tour of the public areas at Tahoe Best Friends. Please call to schedule an appointment - 530 542-2336.
Although we do our best to minimize any injury to your dog, during normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur. We quickly assess the situation to determine what plan of action to take. Our concern is always what is best for your best friend. Depending on the situation, we will either rush your dog to the closest vet or, in non-emergency situations, we will make the effort to take them to their own vet. We always try to contact the owner to get their permission for our chosen course of action.
We offer unique overnight care. Our trained staff is with your best friend 24 hours at day. Your dog will have the comfort of a home environment in our beautiful cabin-style setting. They can sleep on couches, dog beds or even with the staff in front of a cozy fireplace. It is a slumber party for dogs! No cages or Kennels here!

We love our older friends and they love hanging in the living room, outside as well as hanging with the little ones! We separate every dog into nice play groups depending on their activity level, size, age and temperament. Even shy dogs love Tahoe Best Friends as we socialize them slowly into playgroups under careful supervision.

We separate every dog into nice play groups depending on their activity level, size, age and temperament. Even shy dogs love Tahoe Best Friends as we socialize them slowly into playgroups under careful supervision. Some older dogs may enjoy hanging with the little ones?

We love to put puppies together so they can learn how to socialize properly.

As long as your dog does not have an infectious disease, we can administer most medicines at no charge. (no shots please!)

At Tahoe Best Friends we know that life happens. That is why we are proud to offer you the most accommodating cancellation policy. We ask for 2 day notice of cancellation and 7 day notice during peak holidays. If you cancel after that time , no refunds or credit will be given. One day deposit is required for all overnight bookings. If you need to cancel doggie daycare, please call us in advance. No deposit required except during holidays.